07 Jul 2017


Many of our clients are discovering the benefit of inter account transfers. Because we are World wide on line internet Financial institution, we can , subject to due diligence accept applications from anywhere in the world.

What this means to you is that if you do regular payments to a client or associate. incoming or outgoing  , you can invite them to open an account with EHKonnect. The benefit of this is  that you can be connected to your client  or associate on our payment platform and your client and associate is connected to you ……. You can both  take advantage of the EHK INTER ACCOUNT TRANSFERS connectivity

The benefits to you and your client or associate are

1 Speed of Transfer …These transactions can be done in seconds , they do not need to go out to the banking chain for processing, they are not delayed by time zones , weekends and  public holidays etc and  the transfer is sent and received instantly.

2 Cost of Transfer …as we are not using the external banking system , there are less charges incurred and we can pass the benefit of those charges to you in lower transaction costs..

EHKonnect sees itself as an additional solution , rather than a replacement solutions in this  scenario  and we understand that many companies will also want to retain their local banking for local payments and of course they are also free to send the funds to their local bank account at any time via the swift and international payment system