26 Jun 2016

Foreign Exchange

The first golden rule in foreign exchange is to only exchange currency if you have to encourage its clients to keep their funds in their original currency to avoid excessive transaction costs. However, when our customers need to, we can facilitate foreign exchange transactions for immediate delivery, at extremely competitive rates when compared to normal high street banks, and with a level of service that is without equal. We do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!

The second golden rule is to aggregate currency prior to exchanging it to get the best possible market rate allowing you to do this because we can immediately DELIVER liquidity in the major international currencies whenever YOU need it. In other words we do not speculate or support speculation. We do not deal in futures or options: we support your business by delivering the liquidity you need for your business, when it is needed by your business. That means we deliver IMMEDIATELY.

This can only be of value to the busy manager if the process is simple. For customers foreign exchange IS simple. We encourage our customers to open an account for each currency that they might use – a process which is immediate and for which there is no additional charge and completely under the customer’s control. Customers then simply make an internal cross-currency transfer and manage their foreign exchange for themselves. Foreign exchange can be as simple as that!