26 Jun 2016

Services for Financial Institutions or High Volume Users

Apart from the services that we offer all of our corporate clients, such as foreign exchange facilities and assistance with debit and pre-paid card programs, can offer money transmission services to registered financial institutions in three ways:

1. Ehkonnect is associated with E-transfer Technologies Ltd., the owner of Epsilon software, and a master user of the Epsilon money transmission application. This provides financial institutions with an on-line interface to the banking system. If you are a financial institution that not only requires an effective software solution but also a payment platform, then, in conjunction with Epsilon software, can provide a world class solution, that is a complete, competitive and robust business model. Subject to the institution opening a financial institution account with,and meeting the usual due diligence requirements, Epsilon software will allow you to manage high volume, low value transactions or low volume, high value transactions in total transparency. Your clients will only see your interface and your logo.

2. If you already have your own transaction processing and money transmission software, then we can simply offer you international money transmission facilities. This will be an advantage where your existing arrangements do not provide you with sufficient speed of execution, cost effectiveness or personalized service. Where your current facilities do not offer a multi-currency capability there is an easy justification for running in parallel with them.

3. If you need neither of the above but wish to be a player in the foreign exchange market place then, subject to normal account opening requirements, you can deliver immediate liquidity in the major international currencies and some of the “exotics” ones.

Our aim is to enter into a transparent dialogue with our institutional clients in order to enhance their business. As a decision maker of a financial institution you will appreciate the efforts that we make to really know our clients, just as you strive to know yours. To assist in your compliance responsibilities, provides facilities to check backgrounds, identities and passports through the World-Check system. This service is available to financial institutions for a fee of 20 USD per enquiry. This is not just for compliance reasons, but also to protect you and your clients’ funds whilst enabling us to deliver the best possible solutions. We respect your relationship with your clients and will make every effort to enhance it without being visible to them.