26 Jun 2016

Services for Intermediaries

For intermediaries that manage client funds, such as trust managers, fiduciaries, accountants, lawyers, or corporate service providers, we can grant the ability to create segregated accounts, including specific IBAN’s, for each client, project, or case – in a matter of seconds and without any additional charge. Subject to the respect of a stringent and specific compliance regime, this system provides an outstanding commercial advantage to intermediaries and their clients in many ways.

They can transfer funds on behalf of their clients, produce specific statements by sub-account and carry out all the functions required for money transmission without leaving the office or even making a telephone call. No longer will one client’s funds be confused with any other.

This facility produces total transparency for the client and clarity and ease of management for the intermediary. Intermediaries can also help their clients manage their foreign exchange requirements and even load their debit cards for them via the system. To assist in your compliance responsibilities,provides facilities to check backgrounds, identities and passports through the World-Check system. This service is available to selected intermediaries for a fee of 50 USD per enquiry.